Adv. Conducting 1

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  1. What does lower body posture provide for a conductor?
    the balance needed to execute gestures effectively
  2. Describe the proper position of the feet when conducting.
    approximately shoulder width apart with left foot slightly ahead of the right
  3. Where is the floor in regard to the conducting field?
    at the level of the sternum
  4. Where is the ceiling in regard to the conducting field?
    approximately at chin level
  5. What are the outer dimensions in regard to the conducting field?
    defined by the width of the body
  6. Describe the position of the right arm while conducting.
    comfortably away from the body
  7. Describe the position of the elbow while conducting.
    slightly forward
  8. Describe the position of the forearm while conducting.
    lifted and angled to the center of the body and elevated slightly above a parallel position to the floor
  9. Describe the position of the hand while conducting.
    gently tilted upward from the wrist
  10. Describe the position of the fingers while conducting.
    comfortably apart and gracefully curved
  11. Describe the position of the back of the head while conducting.
    aligned with neck and back
  12. Describe the position of the chin while conducting.
    comfortable position; neither lifted or lowered
  13. Describe the position of the eyes while conducting.
    up and directed at the performers
  14. Describe the position of the face while conducting.
    forecast the desired mood
  15. Describe the position of the mouth while conducting.
    comfortable position and can (at least on the inside) form the vowel which is about to be sung
  16. All movement should be centered in the thoracic cavity, which is also referred to as what?
    the center of levity
  17. From what should a conductor's movement be motivated?
    from a physical response to the music we are conducting
  18. From where should a conductor's movement be initiated?
    the thoracic cavity
  19. What is the symbol for a principal beat?
    An arrow pointing down
  20. Where does the principal beat culminate?
    at the ictus
  21. From the ictus, the beat rebounds in which direction?
    upward in the opposite direction of the next principal beat
  22. The principal beat is led by what part of the arm?
    the wrist
  23. What are the two positions for the hand as described by the text?
    palm facing downward, palm sideways
  24. What beat should be clearly distinguishable from the other beats?
    the first beat
  25. When conducting in 4, what beat receives secondary stress, and how does the pattern provide for this emphasis?
    beat 3 which moves across the body
  26. Where should all metric beats receive an ictus?
    the plane of the conducting field
  27. According to the text, what are the two dimensions that should be used when performing conducting gesture?
    up and down / right and left
  28. Where should the pattern remain when conducting?
    within the frame of the body unless special emphasis is required
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