popliteal fossa

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  1. What are the boundaries of the popliteal fossa?
    • semimembranosus
    • semitendinosus
    • biceps femoris
    • gastrocnemius (medial head)
    • gastrocnemius (lateral head)
    • plantaris
  2. What makes up the roof of the popliteal fossa?
    • popliteal fascia
    • posterior femoral cutaneous n
    • small saphenous vein
    • medial and lateral sural nn
  3. What makes up the floor of the popliteal fossa?
    • femur
    • oblique popliteal lig.
    • popliteus m.
  4. What are the contents of the popliteal fossa?
    • tibial n
    • medial sural n
    • popliteal vein
    • small saphenous vein
    • popliteal artery
    • genicular anastamosis
    • common fibular n
    • lateral sural n
  5. Stability of the knee joint depends on:
    • ligaments between femur and tibia
    • surrounding muscles and tendons
  6. What are the components of the knee joint?
    • joint (fibrous) capsule
    • synovial membrane
    • joint cavity
  7. Where does the popliteus tendon pass?
    between the lateral meniscus and capsule
  8. What are the anterior extracapsular ligaments of the knee joint?
    patellar lig (tendon)
  9. What are the posterior extracapsular ligaments of the knee joint?
    • oblique popliteal lig
    • arcuate popliteal lig
  10. What are the lateral extracapsular collateral ligaments of the knee joint?
    lateral (fibular) collateral lig

    -prevents varus (outward) stress
  11. What are the medial extracapsular collateral ligaments of the knee joint?
    medial (tibial) collateral lig

    -prevents valgus (inward) stress
  12. What are the anterior intracapsular ligaments of the knee joint?
    transverse ligament of the knee
  13. What are the posterior intracapsular ligaments of the knee joint?
    • posterior meniscofemoral lig.
    • (Lig. of Wrisberg)
  14. What are the intracapsular cruciate ligaments of the knee joint?
    • anterior cruciate lig (ACL)
    • posterior cruciate lig (PCL)
  15. The "unhappy triad" results in injury to what structures?
    • anterior cruciate lig
    • medial (tibial) collateral lig
    • medial meniscus
  16. Name the bursae of the knee.
    • suprapatellar bursa
    • -between femur and quadriceps tendon

    • prepatellar bursa
    • -between skin and patella

    • subcutaneous (superficial) and deep infrapatellar bursae
    • -superficial and deep to patellar lig
  17. What is the blood supply around the knee joint?
    Genicular Anastamosis:

    descending genicular br. of femoral artery

    • genicular brs. of popliteal artery
    • -superior lateral and medial genicular aa.
    • -inferior lateral and medial genicular aa.

    anterior tibial recurrent and circumflex fibular brs. of anterior tibial artery.

    descening br. of lateral circumflex femoral artery.
  18. What innervates the knee joint?
    from branches of:

    • femoral n
    • - anterior knee

    • tibial n
    • - posterior knee

    • common fibular (peroneal) n
    • - lateral knee

    • obturator n
    • - medial knee
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