vapotherm (high flow therapy)

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  1. what are the 3 functions of the nasopharynx
    • warm
    • humidify
    • cleaned/filter
  2. high flow therapy is defined as
    flows that exceed patient demand at various minute volumes
  3. the temperature range of the Vapotherm unit is
    33-43 degree Celsius
  4. high flow therapy enhances
    respiratory efficiency
  5. high flow therapy allows flows up to how many l/min in adults
  6. high flow therapy allows flows of up to how many l/min in infants
    8 l/min
  7. high flow therapy can eliminate
    nasopharyngeal deadspace
  8. vapotherm recommends that the nasal prongs be no larger than ____ the ID of the nares
  9. why is humidification critical for safe and effective delivery of breathing gases
    • thick secretions
    • atelectasis
    • bloody secretions
    • thermal challenge
    • decrease mucocilliary action
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vapotherm (high flow therapy)
vapotherm (high flow therapy)
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