o2 therapy for neo/peds

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  1. what fio2 does a 1 liter nasal cannula has on neonates
  2. what fio2 does a 1 liter has on adult
  3. which o2 delivery device will deliver higher fio2 to neonates
    nasal cannula
  4. neonates oxygen must be heated because
    trouble regularly breathing
  5. vapotherm is what type of therapy?
    high flow
  6. what do you see when a pt shows that theyre trying to create their own CPAP
    retractions, nasal flaring, grunting
  7. 8 yr old boy, tachypnec. shows grunting, 86% on room air
    • use oxymask or any mask (5L)
    • p.ox
    • hr 70-110
    • rr 12-25
    • check vitals (reasses every 5 min)
  8. neonate, distrass while in moms uterus. sats at 88%
    • heated hood using a 15L flow meter on 8L w/ bore tubing
    • hr 110-170
    • rr 60-60
    • p ox
    • check vitals (reasses every 5 min)
  9. 6 months w/ croup ( acute infection of the upper and lower respiratory tract that occurs pin infants and young children in 3 months to 3 years -- caused by bacteria, allergies, inhaled irritants)
    • check vitals
    • nasal cannula (1L)
    • p.ox
    • hr 90-130
    • rr 20-40
    • check vitals (reasses every 5 min)
  10. 18 months w/ bronchitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the tracheobronchial tree)
    • nasal cal (1-2L)
    • p.ox vitals
    • hr 90-130
    • rr 20-40
    • check vitals (reasses every 5 min)
  11. what type of mask would a 8 yr old use? and how much L
    nonrebreather or simple mask on 5-6L

    nonrebreather must be inflated
  12. what do u check to assess for hypoxemia
    • color
    • spo2
  13. oxy concentrator must be put on
    hood and incubator
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