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  1. Treatment of GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).panic disorder.mgmt of anxiety associated with depression.
    -may produce cns depression
    -renal problems, possible dependence
    -avoid grapefruit juice, alcohol & other cns depressants
    alprazolam (XANAX)
  2. -mod or severe pain, anesthesia adjunct, analgesic during labor, preop sedation
    -not for use w/head trauma, increased ICP, renal probs, or pts on mao inhibitors.(death)
    -no alc. or cns depressants
    -hold if resp <12 min w/adult or <20min w/child
    -use during L&D can cause resp depr. in newborn.
    -monitor for cns stimulation (restlessness, seizures, irratability)
    - PO can be admin w/food or milk
    -pt can OD, admin slowly over at least 5 mins (resp. depr, HTN, circulatory collapse)
    Meperidine (DEMORAL)
  3. -antidotes, opiod antagonist
    -indication- reversal of cns/resp depression
    - monitor VS
    -caution with CV disease
    -can cause withdrawal on pts with long-term use of opiods.
    -monitor resp rate, rhythm, depth, pulse, ECG, BP, LOC for 3-4 hrs after admin.
    *unlabeled use- narcotic induced pruritis (low dose IV infusion)
    Narcan (NALOXONE)
  4. -opiod analgesic
    -mgmt of mod to severe pain, analgesia during labor, sedation before surgery, supplement in balanced anesthesia
    -caution with head trauma, increased ICP, renal probs, alcoholism.
    -Extreme caution with MAO inhibitors (death)
    -pt can OD, admin over 3-5 mins.
    Butorphanol (STADOL)
  5. What are the CNS drugs?
    • -Alprazolam (Xanax)
    • -Meperidine (Demorol)
    • -Narcan (Naloxone)
    • -Butorphanol (Stadol)

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