Dental materials

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  1. extremely small particles (e.g. dust from dental plaster or stone)
    particulate matter
  2. gloves, masks, gowns, eyewear, and other protective equipment for the employee
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. chemical that can cause burns to the skin, is poisonous, or can cause fire
    hazardous chemical
  4. the strength of a product or of a chemical that can cause poisonous substances to spread throughout the body
  5. The lowest temperature at which the vapor of a volatile substance will ingnite with a flash; a low _____________ means that a substance can catch fire easily
    flash point
  6. a material or chemical that can erupt into fir easily
  7. usually an acid or strong base that can cause damage to skin, clothing, metals and equipment
  8. the reaction of opposing chemical substances that creates a different end product
  9. printed product reports from the manufacturer containing important information about the chemicals, hazards, handling, clean up, and special related PPE related to a product
    material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  10. a cloud-like mist containing droplets, tooth dust, materials dust and bacteria of a particle size less than 5 microns in diameter
  11. small particles that may contain blood, saliva, oral particulate matter, water and microbes
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