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  1. Genome
    The full set of genes in an organism
  2. Molecular Evolution
    the field investigates the mechanisms and consequences of the evolution of macromolecules
  3. Sequence Alignment
    a technique used to pin point the locations of mutations that have occurred on a molecule
  4. similarity matrix
    • results from adding the # of amino acids in each par of sequences
    • gives a measure of changes that have occurred between each pair
  5. Synonymous (silent) substitution
    a substitution that does not change the encoded amino acid
  6. non-synonymous (missense) substitution
    a substitution that does change the encoded amino acid sequences
  7. pseudogenes
    duplicate copies of genes that are no longer functional
  8. Lateral Gene Transfer
    a process that allows genes, organelles, or fragments of genomes to move horizontally from one lineage to another
  9. Gene family
    • results from several successful rounds of duplication and mutation
    • a group of homologous genes with related functions
  10. Concerted evolution
    a phenomenon in which the multiple copies of rRNA are evolving in concert with one another
  11. orthologs
    genes found in different species which can be traced back through speciation
  12. paralogs
    genes found in different species as a result of gene duplications
  13. in vitro evolution
    a field in which new molecules are produced in the lab to perform novel and useful functions

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Ch 24 Vocab "Evolution of Genes and Genomes"
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