Neck veins

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  1. Large a waves
    • Tricuspid stenosis
    • Severe pulmonic stenosis
    • Severe noncompliant RVH
    • MS
  2. Large a and v waves
    Pulmonary HTN
  3. Large v waves, Kussmaul sign
    RV infarction
  4. Large v waves
    Tricuspid regurgitation
  5. Large a waves, slow y descent
    Tricuspid stenosis
  6. Large a waves, slow y descent, but positional and may have tumor "plop"
    Right atrial myxoma
  7. Rapid x descent, pulsus paradoxus
  8. Rapid x and y descents, Kussmaul sign, may have a diastolic knock
    Constrictive pericarditis
  9. Rapid x and y descents, Kussmaul sign, no knock, and other systemic manifestations of primary illness
    Restrictive cardiomyopathy
  10. Large, possible unilaterally, nonpulsatile neck veins; may have facial edema and cyanosis
    SVC syndrome
  11. Large nonpulsatile neck veins, severe dyspnea and chest pain, unilateral lack of breath sounds
    tension pneumo
  12. Irregular cannon a waves
    • Indicate AV dissociation
    • Occur in:
    • -- 70% of VT
    • -- Third degree AV block
    • -- Ventricular pacing in a patient with sinus rhythm and complete heart block
  13. What is Kussmaul sign?
    Inspiratory rise of the neck veins
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Differential diagnosis of elevated neck veins on physical exam
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