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  1. Function: Clamps bleeding vessels or tissues
    Kelly Hemostat
  2. Function: Secures hemostasis in deep anatomy
    Crile Hemostat
  3. Function: Secure hemostasis of delicate tissue.
    Halstead Mosquito Hemostat.
  4. Function: Ophthalmic surgery.
    *Smallest in Size*
    Hartman Mosquito Hemostat
  5. Function: Clamp intestines, bowel, large vessels. Less traumatic.
    Rochester Carmalt Hemostat
  6. Function: Clamps large vessels. Traumatic.
    *Deep Serrations*
    Rochester Pean Hemostat
  7. Function: Clamps delicate organs. Atraumatic
    Babcock Intestinal Forceps
  8. Function: Holding body wall or to hold sponges
    Allis Tissue Forceps
  9. Function: Hold sponges, completing surgical scrub, and sterile dressing.
    Sponge Forceps
  10. Function: Retrieve things from hard to reach places.
  11. Function: Retrieving objects from hard to reach places.
    Alligator Forceps
  12. Function: Grasps superficial tissue.
    Adson Thumb Forceps
  13. Function: Grasps superficial tissue, and delicate tissue.
    Adson-Brown Thumb Forceps
  14. Function: Dissecting tissue, aid in suturing.
    *Rat Teeth*
    Cushing Thumb Forceps
  15. Function: Grasps soft bony tissue.
    Standard Thumb Forcep
  16. Function: Grasping delicate tissue, aids in suturing. Atraumatic.
    DeBakey Thumb Forceps
  17. Function: Fine tissue dissection.
    Metzenbaum Scissors
  18. Function: Patient drape, and dissect tissue.
    Mayo Dissecting Scissors
  19. Function: Cut suture and patient drape.
    *Variety of Tip Combos*
    Standard Operating Scissors
  20. Function: Ophthalmic surgery
    Iris Scissors
  21. Function: Cut cerclage wire, wire sutures. Very traumatic.
    *Notch in rear of jaw*
    Wire Cutting Scissors
  22. Function: Removing sutures post-op
    Suture Removal Scissors
  23. Function: Cutting bandage material
    Lister Bandage Scissors
  24. Function: Not able to cut.
    Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders
  25. Function: Holds needles, able to cut.
    Olsen-Hegar Needlee Holders
  26. Function: Delicate ophthalmic surgery.
    Mathieu Needle Holders
  27. Function: Retracts fascia from muscle tissue. Points opposite directions.
    Senn Retractors
  28. Function: Retracts fascia from muscle tissue.
    *Points same direction*
    Mathieu Retractor
  29. Function: Retracts large amount of history. Atraumatic.
    Hole in the middle.
    Army-Navy Retractor
  30. Function: Retracts fascia and muscle tissue.
    *Flat in middle*
    Parker Retractor
  31. Function: Retracts strong muscles. (Large Breed Dogs)
    *Can Change Shape*
    Malleable Retractor
  32. Function: Retracts large amount of tissue or fascia.
    *Small hook little hook*
    Deaver Retractor
  33. Function: Retracts superficial tissue.
  34. Function: Retracts deeper muscle and fascia. Traumatic.
    Hohman Retractor
  35. Function: Retracts spinal muscle.
    Weitlaner Retractor
  36. Function: Orthopedic surgery. Traumatic.
    *Sharp Tips*
    Gelpi Retractor
  37. Function: Attach and secure drape material.
    *Sharp Tips*
    Backhaus Towel Clamp
  38. Function: Attach and secure drapes.
    *Spheres on jaws*
    Backhaus-Roeder Towel Clamp
  39. Function: Attach suction and cautery to patient drape.
    Edna Towel Clamp
  40. Function: Attach and secure drape.
    Jones Clamp
  41. Scalpel Handels
    #3- Small Animal Surgery
    #4- Large Animal Surgery
    #7-Small Animal Surgery
  42. Function: Reducing a fracture.
    Kern Bone Holding Forceps
  43. Function: Realign bones, prevents crushing of bone.
    Low Man Bone Clamp
  44. Function: Holds bone together during fixation.
    Dingman Forceps
  45. Function: Bites into bone and removes pieces.
    *Spring Loaded*
  46. Function: List periosteum off bone.
    Perisotial Elevator
  47. Function: Collects bone marrow samples, scoups out pieces of bone.
    Brun Bone Currette
  48. Function: Cutting Bone
    Liston Bone Cutting Foreceps
  49. Function: Used with mallet to chisel/cut bone
  50. Function: Used with osteotome to chisel/cut bone.
    Orthopedic Mallet
  51. Function: Smooth rough edges of bone surfaces.
    Bone Rasp
  52. Function: Hand saw and cut chiseled bone.
    Gigli Wire and Handels
  53. Function: Obtain bone biopsy. Has stylet
    Michele Trephine
  54. Function: Internal fixation during reductions.
    Steinman Intramedullary Pins
  55. Function: With wire internal fixation device.
    Cerclage Wire Twister
  56. Function: Allows fluid to be suctioned out.
    -Plastic or Metal
    Yankhauer Suction Tip
  57. Function: Allows large amounts of fluid and material to be suctioned out.
    -Multiple Holes
    Pool Suction Tip
  58. Function: Allows smaller amounts of fluid and particles to be suctioned out. Used in the brain and spinal surgeries.
    Fraizer Suction Tip (May have Stylet)
  59. Function: Skin Closure
    -2 Finger Rings
    Sliding Stapler
  60. Function: Skin Closure
    Skin Stapler
  61. Function: Flushing Cavities
    Bulb Syringe
  62. Function: Hemostasis and or cutting
    Cautery Pencil +/- Tip
  63. Function: Ligation of vessels
    Liga Clip Applicator and Clips
  64. Function: Reduce blood flow.
  65. Function: Attach patient drape to quarter drapes.
    Michel Clip Applicator and Remover
  66. Function: Retrieve uterine horns.
    -Thin, more delicate.
    Covalt Spay Hook
  67. Function: Retrieve uterine horns.
    Snook Spay Hook

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