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  1. 41 novem
    • nine (Latin)
    • November- 9th month Roman calendar
    • Novena- devotions for 9 days in the Roman Catholic church
  2. 42 decem
    • ten (Latin)
    • December- 10th month Roman calendar
    • Decennial- tenth anniversary or celebration
    • Decempedal- having 10 feet
  3. 43 centum
    • Hundred (Latin)
    • Cent- one hundredth of a dollar
    • Century- set of one hundred
    • Centurion- Roman military officer of 100 men
    • Percent- number of parts in every hundred
    • Centipede- hundred foot bug
  4. 44 mille
    • thousand (Latin)
    • mile- a thousand paces
    • mill- one thousandth of a dollar
    • millimeter- one thousandth of a meter
    • millennium- thousand year period or anniversary
  5. 45 pyro
    • fire (Greek)
    • pyrotechnics- fireworks
    • pyre- huge bonfire for burning bodies at ancient funerals (and India today)
    • pyromaniac- crazy person who plays with fire
  6. 46 ignis
    • fire (Latin)
    • igneous- pertaining to fire
    • ignite- to set on fire
    • ignition- act of “firing up” or starting an engine
  7. 47 Vulcanus
    • Vulcan- Roman God of Fire (Latin)
    • Volcano- crack in the earth pouring out hot magma and hot gasses
    • Volcanic- like or pertaining to volcanoes
    • Vulcanology- (logos) the stody of volcanoes
  8. 48 hydros
    • water (Greek)
    • hydroplane- boat that glides on the surface of the water
    • phdrophobia- (phobos) fear of water
    • hydrogen- (genos) gas which when burned produces water
    • hydrology- (logos) study of water
    • hydro electric – (electron) electricity produced by moving water
  9. 49 aqua
    • water (Latin)
    • aquarium- a pond or tank of water where fish or water plants can live
    • aqueduct- a structure for bringing water to where it is needed
    • Aquarius- a constellation called “Water Carrier”
  10. 50 bonus
    • good (Latin)
    • bonus- something extra good
    • bon bon (French)- beautifully decorated candy
    • bonny (Scottish) – good looking
    • boon- a good deed or favor
    • bounteous- plentiful good
    • bonanza- rich find in a gold mine
    • debonaire- kindly, jaunty
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