DNA biotechnology

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  1. Recognition sequences of restriction enzymes are called?
  2. Difference between a genomic library and a cDNA library?
    • Genomic library--whole nucleotide sequence of an organism
    • cDNA--only mRNA..no introns
  3. Whats the carrying capacity of the following vectors?
    • Plasmid-6-10kb
    • Phage-10-20
    • Cosmid-35-50
    • BAC-50-250kb
    • YAC- 500-3000
  4. What vectors are used for mammalian cell propagation?
    • Retroviruses
    • Adenoviruses
  5. a cDNA is what?
    copy of the organisms mRNA
  6. Which library can be used to synthesize proteins?
    Genomic or cDNA? Why?
    cDNA because it only has a copy of mRNA..no regulatory sequences/introns
  7. Dideoxynucleotide terminates chain elongation due to an absence of?
    3' OH
  8. What is a marker that allows isolation of mRNA from tRNA and rRNA?
    3'poly-A tail
  9. What labels can be used with probes?
    • radioactive -P32
    • Flourescent dies
    • Biotynylated
  10. What can be used to detect the sequence of interest if no known marker is available for the target gene?
  11. A southwestern blotting technique would be used to visualize interactions between what?
    proteins and DNA
  12. During a hybridization, a perfect match would show high or low stringency?
    High stringency because of complimentarity
  13. Gene families can be recognized by what?
    varying stringency of hybridization and washing techniques
  14. Why are restriction fragment length polymorphisms used for paternity testing?
    bc RFLP are inherited and are codominant...both expressed..child will have mothers and father's RFLP
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