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  1. Isolation
    same organism cane be found in all and only sick animals
  2. Cultivation
    organisma can be obtained and grown in pure cultures
  3. Transference
    inoculation of cultured cells into healthy animals transfers disease
  4. Reisolation
    same organism can be reisolated from the infected animal and cultured again
  5. Spores
    resistant and dormant forms of some microbes
  6. Tyndallization
    requires repeated heating and cooling to kill
  7. Pasteurization
    reduction of numbers of organisms in fluids by heat
  8. Sterilization
    killing of all organisms
  9. van Leeuwenhoek
    father of microbiology
  10. Aristotle
    life appears from nonliving, often decaying matter spontaneously
  11. Pasteur
    all organisms arise from other organisms like themselves
  12. Aristotle
    worms appear on decayed meat
  13. Van Helmont
    mice arise in a jar containing corn that was stored in the dark
  14. Redi
    meat containing lids, nets, and without a lid or a net
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