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  1. Who distri
    Who distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted? / A. Jesus (6:11)
  2. Who do not accep
    Who do not accept our testimony? / A. You people (3:11)
  3. Who do not assoc
    Who do not associate with Samaritans? / A. Jews (4:9)
  4. Who do the
    Who do the Jews claim as their God? / A. Jesus' Father (8:54)
  5. Who do we k
    Who do we know that spoke to Moses? / A. God (9:29)
  6. Who do you
    Who do you know from now on? / A. The Father (14:7)
  7. Who does he w
    Who does he who hates Jesus hate? / A. His Father as well (15:23)
  8. Who does not come
    Who does not come out of Galilee? / A. A prophet (7:52)
  9. Who does not hono
    Who does not honor the Father? / A. He who does not honor the Son (5:23)
  10. Who does not know his
    Who does not know his master�s business? / A. A servant (15:15)
  11. Who does not know wher
    Who does not know where he is going? / A. The man who walks in the dark (12:35)
  12. Who does so t
    Who does so to gain honor for himself? / A. He who speaks on his own (7:18)
  13. Who does the Fath
    Who does the Father seek? / A. True worshipers who worship the Father in spirit and truth (4:23)
  14. Who does the Son
    Who does the Son seek to please? / A. Him who sent the Son (5:30)
  15. Who does the worl
    Who does the world hate? / A. Jesus (7:7)
  16. Who dragged
    Who dragged the net ashore? / A. Simon Peter (21:11)
  17. Who drank f
    Who drank from the well? / A. Our father Jacob, as did also his sons (4:12)
  18. Who draws h
    Who draws his wages? / A. The reaper (4:36)
  19. Who drove
    Who drove all from the temple area? / A. Jesus (2:15)
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john bible quizzing whos 12th page
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