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  1. Who is of ag
    Who is of age? / A. The man born blind (9:21)
  2. Who is our f
    Who is our father? / A. Abraham (8:39)
  3. Who is reli
    Who is reliable? / A. He who sent Jesus (8:26)
  4. Who is spir
    Who is spirit? / A. God (4:24)
  5. Who is the bread of God?
    Who is the bread of God? / A. He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world (6:33)
  6. Who is the bread of life
    Who is the bread of life? / A. Jesus (6:35)
  7. Who is the fath
    Who is the father of lies? / A. Your father, the devil (8:44)
  8. Who is the Fath
    Who is the Father's very own? / A. The one whom he set apart (10:36)
  9. Who is the garden
    Who is the gardener? / A. Jesus' Father (15:1)
  10. Who is the gate f
    Who is the gate for the sheep? / A. Jesus (10:7)
  11. Who is the good
    Who is the good shepherd? / A. Jesus (10:11)
  12. Who is the hire
    Who is the hired hand not? / A. The shepherd who owns the sheep (10:12)
  13. Who is the one
    Who is the one who seeks glory? / A. The judge (8:50)
  14. Who is the shep
    Who is the shepherd of his sheep? / A. The man who enters by the gate (10:2)
  15. Who is the Son
    Who is the Son of Man? / A. The Son of God (5:25-27)
  16. Who is the son
    Who is the son of Simon Iscariot? / A. Judas (6:71)
  17. Who is the Spir
    Who is the Spirit of truth? / A. Another Counselor who will be with us forever (14:16-17)
  18. Who is the true
    Who is the true vine? / A. Jesus (15:1)
  19. Who is the way
    Who is the way and the truth and the life? / A. Jesus (14:6)
  20. Who is this s
    Who is this surely? / A. The Prophet who is to come into the world (6:14)
  21. Who is truth
    Who is truthful? / A. God (3:33)
  22. Who is work
    Who is working? / A. Jesus (5:17)
  23. Who is your
    Who is your accuser? / A. Moses (5:45)
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john bible quizzing whos 17th page
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