Arabic Unit Seven Adjective Agreement

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  1. mudun kabiira
    big cities
  2. al-kutub aS-Saghiira
    the small books
  3. aS-Suwar al-jamiila
    the pretty photos
  4. Hafalaat nashiiTa
    lively parties
  5. bint Tawiila
    a tall girl
  6. banaat Tawiilaat
    tall girls
  7. al-mudarrisa l-jadiida
    the new (female) teacher
  8. al-mudarrisaat al-jadiidaat
    the new (female) teachers
  9. As-SaHaafiyya l-qaSiira
    the short (female) journalist
  10. aS-Sahaafiyyaat al-qaSiiraat
    the short (female) journalists
  11. rajul samiin
    a fat man
  12. rijaal simaan
    fat men
  13. 'imra'a samiina
    a fat woman
  14. nisaa' samiinaat
    fat women
  15. kalb samiin
    a fat dog
  16. kilaab samiina
    fat dogs
  17. al-walad aT-Tawiil
    the tall boy
  18. al-'awlaad aT-Tiwaal
    the tall boys
  19. al-bint aT-Tawiila
    the tall girl
  20. al-banaat aT-Tawiilaat
    the tall girls
  21. al-binaaya T-Tawiila
    the tall building
  22. al-binaayaat aT-Tawiila
    the tall buildings
  23. malik xaDHiim
    a great king
  24. malikaani xaDHiimaani
    two great kings
  25. al-haatif al-jadiid
    the new phone
  26. al-haatifaani l-jadiidaani
    the pair of new phones
  27. bint Saghira
    a small girl
  28. bintaani Saghiirataani
    a pair of small girls
  29. miSriyya latiifa
    a friendly Egyptian woman
  30. miSriyyataani laTiifataani
    two friendly Egyptian women

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Arabic Unit Seven Adjective Agreement
2011-01-25 04:47:30
arabic unit seven adjective agreement

Agreement of adjectives with non-human and human plurals and the dual form.
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