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    • Tyler Jarvis, Department Chair
    • Education:
    • Ph.D: 1994. Princeton University, mathematics.
    • M.A: 1992. Princeton University, mathematics.
    • M.S: 1990. Brigham Young University, mathematics.
    • B.S: 1989. Brigham Young University, mathematics, summa cum laude.
    • Spencer W. Kimball Scholar.
    • Orson Pratt Prize in Mathematics.
    • Michael Dorff, Associate Chair
    • Education:
    • Ph.D: Mathematics, Univ. of Kentucky, 1997.
    • M.S: Mathematics, Univ. of New Hampshire, 1992.
    • B.A: Mathematics Education, Brigham Young Univ., 1986.
    • Teaching Awards:
    • Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award" for Distinguished College or UniversityTeaching of Mathematics, Mathematics Association of America (MAA), 2010. Eachyear 3 recipients are chosen nationally from among the 25,000 members of the MAA.
    • Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award," Brigham Young University, 2010.Each year 3 recipients are chosen from the 1,300 faculty in all disciplines at BYU.
    • Kenneth C. Savage Distinguished Teaching Award," BYU Department ofMathematics, 2010.
    • MAA Section Teaching Award, Mathematics Association of America, Intermountainregion, 2008.
    • Chancellor's Exceptional Teacher-Scholar Apprentice Award," University ofKentucky, 1997.
    • College Teaching Award, University of Kentucky Association of Emeriti Faculty, 1997.
    • Wimberly Royster Teaching Award," University of Kentucky Department ofMathematics, 1996.
    • William Smith, Associate Chair
    • Professor Smith joined the faculty of the Mathematics Department at BYU
    • in 1985.
  1. Jim Logan, Systems Administrator
  2. Lonette Stoddard, Department Secretary
  3. Aaron Shurtleff
  4. Sarah Warcup, Business Manager
  5. Jackie Robertson, Math Lab Manager
    • Jeffrey Humpherys, Director Graduate Studies
    • Education:
    • Ph.D: Mathematics, 2002. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
    • M.A: Mathematics, 1997. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
    • B.S: Mathematics, 1995. Utah State University, Logan, UT.

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BYU Math Faculty

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