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  1. The process of project
    Initiation includes which task?
    a. Assigning work to project team members
    b. Sequencing project activities
    c. Approving a project and authorizing work to begin
    d. Coordinating resources to complete the project
  2. You receive a request from customer service to develop a desktop management system for the customer support staff. What type of project
    request is this?
    A. Internal business need
    B. Market demand
    C. Legal requirement
    D. Technological advance
  3. Project stakeholders have which of the following characteristics?

    A. Actively involved in the project.
    B. Will be impacted by the project.
    C. Have something to gain or lose from the project product.
    D. All of the above.
  4. The project sponsor has which of the following attributes?

    A. The person who initially makes the project request.
    B. The CIO.
    C. The person who champions the project throughout the organization.
    D. The project selection committee.
  5. Which of the following would be responsibilities of the project sponsor?
    A.Provides or obtains financial resources
    B.Monitors delivery of major milestones
    C.Runs interference and remove roadblocks
    D.All of the above
  6. Which of the following is NOT a component of a high-level requirements document or product description?
    A.Testing scenarios
    B.Historical data
    C.Technical requirements
    D.Problem statement
  7. Which of these is NOT an example of a project selection method?
    A.Cost-benefit analysis
    B.Expert judgment
    C.Top-down estimating
    D.Scoring model
  8. Which stakeholder provides the employees to do the project work?
    A.Project manager
    B.Functional manager
  9. Which of the following is true of the project charter?
    A.Describes the project schedule
    B.Contains cost estimates for each task
    C.Authorizes the start of the project work
    D.Lists the responsibilities of the project selection committee
  10. You receive a confusing request from the marketing department to develop a new billing system. What is the first step you should take?
    A.You meet with the marketing person to identify the reason for the request.
    B.You assemble a team of programmers.
    C.You submit a request to the project selection committee.
    D.You request the finance department to do a cost-benefit analysis.
  11. Jane is a person affiliated with your project who has very sophisticated technical expertise. She’s quite enamored with the project and serves to provide enthusiasm, critiques, energy, communication, and motivation for your project. What is Jane’s role?
    A.Project sponsor
    B.Project champion
    C.Project team member
    D.Business analyst
  12. You’ve been presented with a project in which you’re going to develop a client/server application. Your company’s collections department will equip their field personnel with tablet PCs that will wirelessly connect with the server and database. The manager of the collections department brought the request forward. You work for the PMO and are managed by the director of administrative services. The IT department is managed by the director of IT. The telecommunications segments, including wireless, are managed by the director of telecommunications. Who is the project sponsor?
    A.Manager of Collections
    B.Director of Administrative Services
    C.Director of IT
    D.Director of Telecommunications
    E.All of the above
    F.None of the above
    G.Not enough information
  13. Identify the items that should NOT be included in a project charter. (Select all that apply.)
    A.Anticipated budget
    B.Project objectives and success criteria
    C.High-level cost-benefit analysis
    D.Hardware needed
    E.Business case/mission
    F.Project description
    G.Project objectives and success criteria
    H.Project title and description
  14. Part of the work you’re going to do will require a written document from an outside vendor indicating the type of work that needs to be done and the steps necessary to do them, along with the cost. What is this document called?
  15. You’re undertaking a brand-new project in which users will connect to an application running on a server and post information to a database. At first glance, what kinds of IT people do you think you’ll need? (Select all that apply.)
    A.Database administrator
    B.Application developer
    C.Telecommunications specialist
    D.Server administrator
    E.Graphic designer
  16. Which of these will a project sponsor have to take into account when considering your project? (Select all that apply.)
    A.The priority of your project as it relates to others
    B.The human resources available for the project
    C.The technology that will be used to create the deliverables
    D.The budget dollars that are available
    E.The equipment that will be required
  17. From the options below, select the option that best demonstrates the functional requirements of a project (Select all that apply).
    A.System will display a final invoice.
    B.System will calculate business workdays, taking into account corporate holidays.
    C.System will be accessed through the corporate intranet.
    D.System will display in 1024 x 768 pixels.
  18. From the options below, select the option that is NOT contained in a high-level requirements description.
    A.Problem statement
    C.Strategic value
    D.Persons involved
    G.Historical data
  19. You’ve prepared a charter for a brand-new project. Who will formally sign the project charter? (Select all that apply.)
    A.Project client
    B.Project sponsor
    C.Chief stakeholder
    D.Representative of the project selection committee
    E.Project sponsor, chief stakeholder, and client combined
    F.Chief executive officer
  20. At what stage should the project sponsor get involved in the project?
    A.Customer contact with project manager
    B.Development of project concept document
    C.Development of project charter
    D.Revision of project charter
    E.Approval of the project charter
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