Rad Biology 103

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  1. Radiation
    Energy emitted and transferred through space
  2. Energy
    the ability to do work
  3. Ionizing radiation
    • Any kind of radiation capable of removing an orbital electron from an atom.
    • Results in and ion pair.
    • includes:x-rays, gamma rays, UV rays
    • also includes particulate ionizing radiation: alpha & beta particles
  4. Ion pair
    • ejected electron is the negative ion and
    • the remaining atom is a positive ion
  5. Electromagnetic Waves with frequencies higher than UV light are considered ...
    Ionizing radiation
  6. Three types of Ionizing radiation
    can be natural or man made source
    • Alpha, can be stopped with paper
    • Beta, can be stopped with wood, clothing or aluminum
    • Gamma, x-rays lead or concrete
  7. REM
    • unit of radiation equivalent man
    • used to express radiation exposure of populations
  8. 3 sources of Natural radiation
    • Cosmic
    • Terrestrial
    • Internally deposited radionuclides
  9. Cosmic Rays
    • Natural environmental radiation
    • from sun and stars
    • intensity increases with altitude & latitude
  10. Terrestrial Radiation
    • Natural environmental radiation
    • from deposits of uranium, thorium and other radionuclides in the earth
    • intensity dependent on geology of local area
    • Radon is the largest source
  11. internally deposited radionuclides
    • Natural Environmental Radiation
    • from the human body
  12. Dosage of ionizing radiation
    Natura and manmade
    • Natural Environmental aka background
    • annual dose approx 300 mrem

    • Man-made
    • annual dose approx 60 mrem
  13. x-ray interaction with matter in 5 ways,

    which 2 are important to diagnostic radiography?
    • Compton
    • Scatter
  14. Differential absorption occurs because of...
    • compton scattering
    • photoelectric effect
    • x-rays transmitted through the patient
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