Kinetics Quiz 2

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  1. Volume of distribution after oral or IM administration
    V = amount of drug administered/KxAUC
  2. Peak plasma concentration following an oral dose occurs when
    elimination = absorption
  3. Short time to peak =
    rapid absorption
  4. Absorption rate
    fraction of drug present at the absorption site that is absorbed per unit time
  5. if Ka is greater than 1
    in a time unit almost all drug would be absorbed over that time
  6. High Ka indicates
    rapid absorption
  7. Ka equals
    the negative slope of the residual line
  8. MEC
    minimal effective concentration
  9. Onset is where
    drug concentration levels reach the MEC
  10. Offset is where
    drug plasma levels fall below MEC
  11. tmax is when
    time of peak plasma concentration
  12. MTC
    Minimal toxic concentration
  13. Ks
    rate describing disintegration and dissolution of a solid dosage form
  14. Proceses which control the rate of drug going into solution also control
    the rate of absorption
  15. generally Ks is _____ than Ka
    much smaller
  16. products which contain essentially identical amounts of the identical active ingredient in identical dosage forms, and which meet existing physicochemical standards
    chemical equivalents
  17. chemical equivalents which when administered in the same amounts will provide essentially the same bioavailability, as measured by blood levels or urinary excretions
    biological equivalents
  18. chemical equivalents which when administered in the same amounts will provide essentially the same therapeutic effect as measured by the control of a symptom or a disease
    therapeutic equivalents
  19. the ultimate criterion for assessing equivalence of drug products
    therapeutic equivalents
  20. F =
    absolute bioavailability from the oral dosage form or the fraction of the dose which actually reaches the systemic circulation
  21. Greatest factor which can affect the extent to which a number of drugs are absorbed
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