Bact: Pathogenesis Factors

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  1. 3 Primary Bacterial Pathogenesis Factos:
    • Host Susceptibility
    • Bacterial Infectivity
    • Virulence Factors
  2. What alters host susceptibility?
    • Species
    • Age
  3. What alters bacterial infectivity?
    • Strain
    • Genetic Variation
  4. What alters virulence factors?
    • Pili
    • Non-fimbrial adhesions
    • Capsule
    • Toxins
  5. Mannheimia haemolytica affects ____, but not ____
    cattle, not dogs
  6. E. coli affects ____, but not ___
    neonatal calves, but not adult cattle
  7. Specific strains of E. coli produce ___, causing _____ dz
    • shiga toxin
    • Hamburger
  8. ____ has a capsule to avoid phagocytosis
    Pastruella multocida
  9. Pathogenic E. coli have pili to...
    attach to mucosa and produce enterotoxin
  10. Pathogen-
    organism that causes dz
  11. Infection-
    establishment of pathogen in host
  12. Obligate Pathogen-
    non oppertunistic
  13. ex. obligate pathogen:
    Bacillus anthracis
  14. ex. Primary Pathogen and it's secondary pathogen
    • Chlamydophila felis (conjunctiva in cats)
    • Staphylococcus
  15. ex. Opportunistic Pathogen (2)
    • E. coli -> UTI or otitis externa
    • Staphylococcus w/ chlamydophilia felis in cats (also secondary pathogen)
  16. ex. of exogenous pathogen
    Bacillus anthracis (soil-> animal)
  17. ex. of endogenous pathogen
    Gingivitis in dogs from commensal
  18. ex. of contagious dz's (2)
    • strangles in horses (streptococcus equi)
    • Pneumonic Plague in cats and humans (yersinia pestis)
  19. Bordetella bronchiseptica enters via..
    inhalation (dog -> cat -> pneumonia)
  20. Salmonella enters via...
    ingestion (feed -> cattle)
  21. Lepto enters via...
    Skin Abrasion, mucosa (water-> GI)
  22. Brucellosis canis enters via...
    Urogenital tract
  23. Brucellosis enters via...
    Placenta to fetus
  24. E. Coli in claves enters via...
  25. Horizontal transmission-
    spread by contact, food, water
  26. Vertical transmission-
    Transmission from mother to offsrping during pregnancy
  27. streptococcus equi is ___ specific
  28. Brucella abortus is ___ specific
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