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  1. Arid
    very dry
  2. Balk
    to stop short and refuse to proceed
  3. Bard
    a composer or singer in epic verse
  4. Bask
    to lie in or expose oneself to a pleasant warmth
  5. Bilk
    to cheat out of something valuable
  6. Boor
    a person known for rude or in sincere behavior, someone who lacks refinement
  7. Dolt
    a person known for stupidity
  8. Dupe
    to trick or deceive by underhanded means
  9. Flag
    to loose energy or enthusiasm
  10. Foil
    someone or something that serves as a contrast to another
  11. Gait
    a manner of walking
  12. Hail
    to praise, acclaim, to greet with approval
  13. Lull
    temporary calm before or during a storm
  14. Mute
    to muffle the sound of or tone down
  15. Plod
    to walk slowly or tediously
  16. Quip
    a clever witty remark
  17. Rend
    to tear apart or split, as to rend a fabric
  18. Ruse
    a wily or clever trick, stratagem
  19. Smug
    very self-satisfied
  20. Stem
    to restrain, check
  21. Tiff
    a petty quarrel
  22. Vain
    marked by futility, as a vain effort
  23. Wary
    cautious, careful

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