Art History Ch.2

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    Lascaux, Hall Of Bulls, Upperpaleolithic c. 15,000-10,000 BC
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    Venus of Willendorf, upperpaleolithic, 25,000 BC
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    Stonehenge, Neolithic, 1800-1400 BC
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    Ziggurat at Ur, Summerian, 2100 BC
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    Statuettes From Tel Asmar, summerian, 2900-2600 BC
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    Royal Harp of Ur, summerian, 2600 BC
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    Victory Stete of Naram Sin, Akkadian Civilization, 2300-2200 BC
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    Stele of Hammurabi, Babylonian Civilization, 1760 BC
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    Dying Lioness, Assyrian Civilization, 660 BC
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    Bull Capital, Persepolis, 360 BC
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    Narmer Palette, old Kingdom, 3200 BC
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    Ka Gigure of Chafre, old kingdom, 2500 BC
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    Great Pyramids of Giza, Old Kingdom, 2500 BC
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    Mortuary Temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Thebes, 1480 BC
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    Akhenaton, New Kingdom, 1356 BC
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    Idol, Cycladic Islands, 2500-1100 BC
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    Room of the Shields, Palace, 1500 BC
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    Lion's Gate, Mycenae, 1300 BC
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    Gold Funeral Mask from the Royal Tombs, Mycenae, 1500 BC
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