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  1. What tissue is this?
    What would normally be in the white spaces?
    Where are the nuclei?
    Do you see blood vessels? How could you tell?
    What is pink?
    Image Upload 1
    • Adipose Tissue
    • Air, Fat, Carbohydrates
    • Nuclei would be pushed off to the side (purple)
    • Eosin, collagen fibers
  2. What tissue is this?
    How can you differentiate?
    Image Upload 2
    • Dense connective tissue
    • Eosin and collagen fibers (lots of pink)
  3. What tissues are these?
    How can you distinguish?
    Image Upload 3
    • Fibrous tissue tendon where the pointer is
    • Sides are where muscle attachment are
    • Tendon is pink because of eosin and collagen
    • Muscle has more nuclei
  4. What is this?
    What type of epithelium?
    What is on apical side?
    Goblet cells?
    Image Upload 4
    • Trachea
    • Psedustratefied columnar epithelium
    • On apical side are cilia to trap bacteria
    • Goblet cells secrete mucus trap bacteria big purble things
    • Also found in intestine
  5. What is this?
    What type of epithelium?
    Why? Where else would you find it?
    Image Upload 5
    • Bladder
    • Transitional epithelium
    • Good for contracting and expanding. Could find in urethra and prostate
  6. What tissue is this?
    What type of epithelium?
    Image Upload 6
    • Esophagus
    • Stratified squamous epithelium
  7. What organ is this from?
    What type of epithelium?
    Why does it make sense?
    What are in blood vessels?
    What are in clear spaces?
    Image Upload 7
    • Lung
    • Simple squamous epithelium
    • Good for rapid diffusion
    • Nuclei?
    • Fat? Carbs?
  8. What is this?
    Why do you see different shapes?
    Image Upload 8
    • Skeletal muscle
    • For different parts of body (circular, convergent, parallel, pennate)
  9. What type of tissue is this?
    How can you differentiate?
    Image Upload 9
    • Smooth muscle
    • Tapered side, one nucleus
  10. What type is this?
    How can you differentiate?
    Image Upload 10
    • Cardiac muscle
    • Thickest
  11. What is this?
    Would you expected to see hair follicles?
    Image Upload 11
    • Plantar skin (feet)
    • No hair follicles
  12. What are tese?
    What differences do you see?
    Where on the body might these be taken from?
    Image Upload 12
    Image Upload 13
    • Pigmented and nonpigmented skin
    • Hand? Front and back?
  13. What is this?
    Accessory structures?
    Image Upload 14
    • Hair scalp and hair shafts
    • The big space
    • Sweat gland, sebaceous gland, hair follicle, arrector pili muscle
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