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  1. "cuboidal with microvilli?
    reabsorbtion in PCT"
  2. "beta cells?
    insulin producing cells in pancreas"
  3. "keratinized stratified squamous?
    cell/tissue of the skin"
  4. "Goblet cells?
    Mucus producing cell of GI tract"
  5. "Kupffer cells?
    Macrophages of the liver"
  6. "Dust cells?
    Lung Macrophages"
  7. "Cells of Langerhans?
    fixed macrophages in skin"
  8. "simple squamous?
    simple epithelial cells of alveolar sacs"
  9. "nonkeratinized stratified squamous?
    epithelial tissue in mouth
  10. "alpha cells?
    pancreatic cells that produce glucagon"
  11. "Chondrocytes?
    Cartilage producing cells"
  12. "Peg cells?
    oviduct cells that capacitates sperm"
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