Lecture 11: CT

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  1. Marfan's Syndrome
    fibrillin mutated, CT disorder
  2. deep wrinkled of photoaged skin
    remodelin fibrillin microfibrils by chronic sun exposure
  3. Proteoglycans
    • in ground substance
    • core protein wiht associated GAG's
    • hyaluric acid- viscous stuff in joint (backbone in addrecan fyi)
    • But hi glycoprotein amt = highe proteins
  4. Macrophages
    • Histiocyted- fixed
    • Kupffer cells- in sinusoids
  5. Plasma cell
    • absent of large granules
    • heterochromatic, cartwheel
    • basophilic cytoplasm, rER
  6. Eosinophil
    allergic reactions, parasitic infection, chronic inflammation
  7. Mast cells
    • densely staing granules
    • release histamin, heparin, serotonin
    • IgE receptor expressed
    • long lived
  8. Fibroblast
    • turn into myofibroblast to remodel/construct CT
    • link epithelial cell with ECM through integrin
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