Intro to WWII

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  1. When did WWII start & when did it end?
    September 1, 1939-1945
  2. When did the U.S. get involved?
    December 7, 1941
  3. What countries were part of the Allies?
    Great Britain, Soviet Union, U.S., and France
  4. What Countries were part of the Axis?
    Germany, Italy, and Japan
  5. What was Hitler asking for?
    1. A return to German speaking lands, "lebensraum"

    2. Sudentenland

    3. Austria peacefully annexed in 1938
  6. What is the Munich Conference?
    When Britain and France give Sudentenland to Hitler in return for peace
  7. What was the Non-aggression Pact?
    When Russia stays out of war in return for half of Poland
  8. What is the Atlantic Charter?
    When the U.S secretly met with Britain to commit to defeating Germany
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