TMS Hebrew Chapter 3

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  1. Which letters are true Gutturals?
    aleph, he, het, ayin
  2. What are the three characteristics governing the gutturals?
    • 1. they refuse redoubling
    • 2. prefer 'a-class' vowels
    • 3. prefer compound shewa
  3. Identify the strong gutturals:
    he and het
  4. identify the weak gutturals:
    aleph, ayin
  5. which letters of the Hebrew alphabet sometimes lose their consonantal character and become silent?
    aleph, he, waw, yod
  6. which letters are labials? why are they called labials?
    • - bet, pe, mem
    • - they are called labial because the lips are used to pronounce them.
  7. Identify the 2 different kinds of dagesh:
    weak and strong
  8. which letters take the weak dagesh? how does the weak dagesh affect the pronunciation of these letters?
    • - bet, gimel, dalet, kap, pe, tav (bgad-kaphath)
    • - it hardens their pronunciation
  9. When is the weak dagesh omitted from one of these (bgad-kphath) letters?
    • 1. when it does not begin a syllable
    • 2. when a vowel is immediately preceding it.
  10. what letters accept the strong dagesh? and what effect does it have on these letters?
    • - all letters except gutturals and resh (usually)
    • - it doubles the letters
  11. Why is the strong dagesh most commonly employed?
    • 1. as compensation for a letter that has elided (dropped out)
    • 2. Verbal intensifier

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