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  1. A symbol of possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust, and security.
  2. You know that you can juggle all demands made upon you.
  3. Yhis card represents a task-oriented team - people who are working cooperatively toward a common goal
  4. You can cultivate a feeling of gratitude and make the best use of your advantage.
  5. Consider carefully what consequences may result from joining forces.
  6. You are in a position to be generous if you want to be.
  7. Your personal power is growing and others are taking notice.
  8. Give yourself credit for the quality work you are producing.
  9. The abundance you enjoy allows you the freedom to be yourself.
  10. You are required to meet obligations.
  11. You are reinventing yourself to create a better fit with your chosen profession.
  12. Cultivate your investments using good timing and skillful management.
  13. Use your your penetrating intuition to divine new meanings.
  14. Make unpressured choices, dream big dreams -- and be generous.

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Tarot Pentacles

Tarot Pentacles Test
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