Anatomy Chapter 11

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  1. What specialty within medicine most directly deals with the skeletal system?
  2. List the three types of cartilage.
    hyaline, fibrocartilage, & elastic cartilage
  3. What level of organization are individual bones?
  4. Why are individual bones considered organs?
    consists of all four types of tissue and performs a specific function
  5. Based on shape, what are bones that are longer than they are wide?
    long bones
  6. Based on shape, what are bones that are about as wide as they are long and important in transferring forces?
    short bones
  7. Based on shape, what are bones that are broad for protection and muscle attachment?
    flat bones
  8. Based on shape, what are bones that are variable in their shape and size?
    irregular bones
  9. What is another term for the shaft of a long bone?
  10. What is the part of a bone that ossifies separately at the proximal or distal end of a long bone and later unites with the shaft of the bone?
  11. What is the transitional zone at which the diaphysis and epiphysis of a bone come together?
  12. What is the smooth, avascular tissue on the surface a bone and taking part in a joint?
    articular cartilage
  13. What is the space within the diaphysis of a bone?
    medullary cavity
  14. What is the dense irregular connective tissue lining the space within the shaft of a bone?
  15. What is the dense irregular connective tissue that covers the outer surface of a bone except the articular surface?
  16. What type of bone cells are stem cells derived from mesenchyme and found within the periosteum and endosteum?
  17. What type of bone cells are formed from stem cells and produce new bone?
  18. What are mature bone cells?
  19. What type of bone cells dissolve bone matrix?
  20. What is bone matrix?
    1/3 organic components (ground substance) & 2/3 inorganic substance (calcium)
  21. What type of bone lies on the outside of an individual bone?
    cortical bone
  22. What type of bone forms a latticework within an individual bone?
    cancellous bone
  23. What is the basic structural and functional unit of cortical bone?
  24. What are two synonyms for bone growth?
    osteogenesis & ossification
  25. What type of bone growth occurs in the flat bones of the skull, some facial bones, the mandible, and the central part of the clavicle?
    intramembranous ossification
  26. What type of bone growth occurs in the bones of extremities, vertebrae, and the ends of the clavicles?
    endochondral ossification
  27. What is the anatomical term for "growth plate"?
    epiphyseal plate
  28. Where does a bone increase in length?
    epiphyseal plate
  29. Where does a bone increase in diameter?
  30. What is the continual deposition of a new bone tissue and removal of old bone tissue?
    bone remodeling

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