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  1. Vitamin A
    • -headaches, vomiting, double vision, hair loss, bone abnormalities, liver damage, which may be reversible or fatal
    • -can cause birth defects during pregnancy
  2. Vitamin D
    -Kidney stones, irreversible kidney damage, muscle and bone weakness, excessive bleeding, loss of appetite, headache, excessive thirst, calcification of soft tissues (blood vessels, kidneys, heart, lungs), death
  3. Vitamin E
    • relatively nontoxic
    • high doses enhance action of anticoagulant medications
  4. Vitamin K
    no sx's have been observed from excessive intake of vitamin K
  5. Thiamin (vit b1)
    no toxicity sx reported
  6. Riboflavin (vit b2)
    no toxicity sx reported
  7. Niacin (vit b3)
    • Toxicity (from supplements/drugs)
    • flushing, liver damage, gastric ulcers, low blood pressure,diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
  8. vitamin b6
    deppression, fatigue, irritability, headaches; sensory neuropathy characteristic
  9. folate
    too much can mask B12 deficiency
  10. vitamin b12
    no toxicity sx reported
  11. Pantothenic acid
    no toxicity sx reporte, although large doses may cause diarrhea
  12. Biotin
    no toxicity sx reported
  13. vitamin C
    diarrhea, mild GI upset
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