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  1. You have clarity in vision and thought. Remember, there is freedom in truth and honesty.
  2. It may seem easier to let someone else make the decisions, but you have all the facts you need.
  3. You feel like your trust is betrayed. Don't allow your feelings or thoughts to scatter in the wind.
  4. This is a period of rest for you. Take it easy, don't stress about anything.
  5. You have to know when to fight and when to walk away.
  6. Release the pain caused by mental obstacles and begin to move forward.
  7. Brainstorming and strategy are wonderful when you are trying to find a solution, but watch out for sabotaging behaviors
  8. The longer you sit with any fears, the more it will weigh down your heart and soul.
  9. You are in the darkest part of the night. Everything will look clearer and brighter in the morning's light.
  10. Try not to focus on the pain, focus on finding the answer. That's your way out!
  11. Trial and error, confident and cunning, this page is daring you to be inventive and take a challenge.
  12. Jumping in quick, before you have time to process all the details.
  13. Proper etiquette and straight-forward manner makes one appear rigid and cold
    •   Queen of Swords
  14. Watch your decisions closely, there are consequences for everything you do. It's time to hold yourself to a higher standard.

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