Microbiology Ch 6

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  1. Microbial growth
    refers to an increase in the number of cells - not the size of the cells
  2. colony
    • -group of cells large enough to be seen without a microscope
    • -a colony arises from 1 bacterium
    • -one E. Coli bacterium divided every 20 minutes
  3. population
    # of cells in 1 colony - millions/ billions
  4. clone
    • a population of identical cells
    • - a colony is a clone
  5. Physical requirements for growth
    • Microbes (individual species) have preferred ranges of each
    • 1. Temperature
    • 2. pH
    • 3. Osmotic Pressure
  6. Chemical requirements for growth
    • a. C,H,O,N,P,S
    • b. O2
    • c. Trace elements/ vitamins/ growth factors
  7. Temperature requirements
    most bacteria grow within a limited range

    Minimum growth temp - minimum temp where there's any growth

    optimum growth temp - temp at which there is most growth

    maximum growth temp - max temp where there is any growth

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