The Nervous System

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  1. What does the nervous system do?
    Coordinates internal environment and responds to external changes
  2. What are the differences between endocrine and nervous systems?
    Endocrine-longer term (ie. child development)


    Highly interrelated and MUST work together
  3. What are the two major devisions of the nervous system?
    • Peripheral nervous system (PNS)
    • Central nervous system (CNS)
  4. What makes up the peripheral nervous system?
    Sensory and motor neurons
  5. What makes up the central nervous system?
    Brain and spinal cord
  6. What are the two sub-divisions of the peripheral nervous system?
    Sensory and motor
  7. What are the two sub-divisions of the motor component of peripheral nervous system?
    • Somatic-conscious
    • Autonomic-involuntary
  8. What are the 2 types of cells in nervous system?
    • Neurons
    • Glial
  9. Describe neurons (what do they do?)
    • Functional units
    • SPECIALIZED to respond to chemical and physical stimuli, to conduct electrochemical signals, and release chemicals that regulate body processes
  10. Describe glial (what do they do?)
    • give structural support, provide nutrients and remove waste from neurons
    • outnumber neurons x10
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