GI Instruments

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  1. McGivney Hemorrhoid Forceps
  2. S Retractor
  3. Dennis Intestinal Clamp
  4. Randall Stone Forceps
  5. Bakes Bile Duct Dilator
  6. Silver eyed Probe
  7. Groove Director
  8. Singley Fenestrated Forcep
  9. Cushing without Teeth
  10. Cushing with Teeth
  11. Payr Pylorus Clamp
  12. Weinberg Vagotomy Retractor (joes Hoe)
  13. Kelly Retractor
  14. Brinckerhoff Speculum
  15. Sawyer Rectal Retractor
  16. Pratt Rectal Speculum
  17. Fansler Operating Speculum (silver bullet)
  18. Sims Rectal Speculum
  19. Smith Anal Retractor
  20. Turtle Forcep
  21. Fehland Right Angled Colon Clamp
  22. Bainbridge Intestinal Forcep
  23. Allen Intestinal Clamp
  24. Doyen Intestinal Forceps (straight)
  25. Herrick Kidney Clamp
  26. Linear Stapler
  27. Endostitch
  28. Endoscopic Linear Stapler
  29. GIA-Gastrointestinal Anastomosis
  30. EEA-End to End anastomosis (rectal Rocket)
  31. Trocar
  32. Verres Needle
  33. Glassman Viscera Retainer (Fish)

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GI Instruments
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Surgical Technology Surgical Instruments GI

Here are the GI Instruments for the Exam.
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