Le caractere et la personalite

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  1. to be friendly
    etre aimable
  2. to be charming
    etre charmant
  3. to have a golden character
    avoir un caractere en or
  4. to be unpleasant
    etre antipathique
  5. to be bitter
    etre amer
  6. to be rough/gruff
    etre bourru
  7. to be curt/blunt/abrupt
    etre brusque
  8. to be irritable/quick-tempered
    etre colerique/colereux
  9. to be morose/sluggish
    etre morose
  10. to have a nasty character
    avoir un sale caractere
  11. to sulk
    bouder, faire la tete
  12. to be determined
    • etre décidé,
    • etre déterminé
  13. to be stubburn
    • etre opiniatre
    • etre tetu
  14. mood
  15. humor
  16. to be in a good mood
    • etre de bonne humeur
    • d'humeur egale
  17. to be dull
    etre mou
  18. to be beaming/raidiant
    etre épanoui
  19. to be cheerful
    etre enjoué
  20. to be in a bad mood
    etre de mauvaise humeur/d'humeur massacrante
  21. to be emotional (moody)
    avoir des hauts et des bas
  22. to be depressed
    avoir le cafard/ etre deprimé
  23. to be dejected/despondent/downcast
    etre abattu
  24. to be warm or friendly
    etre chaleureux
  25. to be passionate
    etre passioné
  26. to be affectionate
    etre affectueux
  27. to be sensitive
    etre sensible
  28. to be an extrovert
    etre extraverti
  29. to be cold/unfriendly
    etre froid
  30. to be detached
    etre détaché
  31. to be reflective
    etre reflechi
  32. to be reserved
    etre réservé
  33. to be phlegmatic/unemotional/unenergetic
    etre flegmatique
  34. to be self-effacing/retiring
    etre efface
  35. to be dull
    etre insipide
  36. to be glum/sullen
    etre maussade
  37. to be loving
    etre aimant
  38. to be compassionate
    etre compatissant
  39. to be worried/anxious
    etre inquiet
  40. to be anxious about something
    • etre anxieux
    • etre angoissé
  41. to be worried/preoccupied
    etre soucieux
  42. to be tense
    etre tendu
  43. to be a failure
    etre défaitiste
  44. to be anxious to do something
    avoir hâte

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