Histology slides

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  1. What are the 4 basic tissue types?
    Epithelial, Connective, Muscle, Nervous
  2. Where can epithelium be found?
    • Lining body structures
    • outer surfaces
    • surfaces of internal structures (lungs)
    • inner surfaces (blood vessels)
    • Simple Squamous Epithelium
    • Function: Secretion, diffusion, filtration
    • Location: Blood vessels, alveoli of the lungs.
    • Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
    • Function: Secretion, absorption
    • Location: Kidney tubules, surface of ovaries
    • Simple Columnar Epithelium
    • Function: Secretion, absorption
    • Location: Most of digestive tract, gall bladder.
    • Goblet Cell(found among columnar epithelium)
    • Function: Secretion
    • Location: Digestive tract, respiratory tract.
    • Ciliated Columnar Epithelium
    • Function: Absorption, secretion.
    • Location: Trachea, uterine tubes.
  3. What are some of the functions of connective tissue?
    • Connect parts
    • Bind and support
    • Protect
    • Insulate
    • Transportation
  4. Connective tissues; types of fibers.
    • Collagen: more rigid for support.
    • Elastin: more elastic for movement.
    • Reticular: in between, allows for support and movement.
    • Areolar Tissue(name collagen and elastic fibers)
  5. Adipose Tissue
  6. Reticular Tissue(name reticular fiber)
  7. Fibrous Tissue(name collagen fibers)
  8. Hyaline Cartilage
  9. Elastic Cartilage(name elastic fibers)
  10. Fibrocartilage(name collagen fibers)
  11. Bone
  12. Blood
  13. Eosinophil
  14. Basophil
  15. Smooth Muscle
  16. Skeletal Muscle
  17. Cardiac Muscle
  18. Nervous Tissue

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Histology slides
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Histology slides

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