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  1. What is chronotropicity?
    Rhythm, SA node
  2. What is Dromotropocity?
    conduction, AV node
  3. What is inotropocity?
    contraction, ion concentration
  4. What do the left SNS affect in the heart?
  5. What do the right SNS affect in the heart?
    conduction (AV) and rhythm (SA)
  6. What do the pre/postganglionic SNS fibers release?
    • Pre = Ach
    • Post = NE
  7. What hormone does the adrenal gland release?
  8. What nerve does the PNS course with to get to the heart?
    Vagus Nerve, CN X
  9. What is the pre/postganglionic hormone of the PNS?
  10. What does the R/L vagus nerve contact in the heart?
    • R = SA
    • L = AV
  11. What G protein does the Symp/Para pathway activate in the heart?
    • Sym = Gs (stimulator)
    • Para = Gi (inhibitor)
  12. What is the function of Atropine?
    Antagonist for M2 = increased HR
  13. What is the function of Propranolol?
    B1 antagonist = decreased HR
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