Biochem oxidative phosphorylation

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  1. Inhibitors of Complex I in ETC?
    • Amobarbital
    • Rotenone
    • Piericidin A
  2. Inhibitors of Complex II
    • TTFA
    • Carboxin & Malonate
  3. Inhibitor of Complex III
    Antimycin A
  4. Inhibitor of Complex IV
    • Cyanide
    • CO
    • Sodium Azide
    • Hydrogen Sulfide
  5. Uncoupling agents
    • Aspirin(salicylic acid)
    • 2,4 DNP
  6. Purpose of uncoupling agents?
    Thermogenic agents
  7. Oligomycin?
    Blocks ATP synthase
  8. How do 2,4 DNP and Aspirin cause uncoupling between ETC and phosphorylation?
    by making the inner mitochondrial membrane leaky, allowing H+ to diffuse into the matrix without going thru the ATP synthase
  9. Atractyloside
    Blocks ATP/ADP transporter in the inner mitochondrial membrane
  10. What are two ways of transporting NADH into the inner mitochondrial membrane?
    • 1.reducing DHAP to glycerol 3 phosphate which then enters matrix and reduces FAD
    • 2. Oxaloacetate is reduced to malate which then enters matrix and reduces NAD+
  11. Which complexes pump H+ into the intermembranous space?
    I, III, IV
  12. Whats the rate determining step of TCA cycle?
    isocitrate dehydrogenase
  13. Whats the rate determining step of glycolysis?
    Phosphofructokinase-1 (PFK-1)
  14. Whats the rate determining step of Gluconeogenesis
    Fructose 1,6 bisphosphotase
  15. What blocks Complex I?
    • Amytal
    • Rotenone
  16. What blocks complex III
    Actimyocin A
  17. What blocks Complex IV
    • CN
    • CO
    • H2S
    • NAN3
  18. What blocks ATP synthase?
  19. What are 2 uncoupling agents?
    • 2,4-DNP
    • Aspirin
  20. Whats the only lipid component of the ETC?
    Coenzyme Q ---Ubiquinone
  21. How many protons are pumped out per a pair of electrons that go thru the ETC?
  22. How many protons are pumped out per a pair of electrons when complex one is omitted?
  23. Which part of the ATP synthase exhibits ATP synthase activity?
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Biochem oxidative phosphorylation
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