dental assisting exam 3

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  1. branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and malformations.
    oral surgery
  2. extraction of teeth
  3. oral surgeon perform treatment of bone fractures and and reconstructions. (general dentist can extract)
    maxillofacial surgeon
  4. carious teeth that cant be restored
    removal needed for ortho
    teeth withouy sufficient bone support
    malpostioned teeth (ortho cant fix)
    teeth accidently fractured or dislocated
    indications for oral surgery
  5. tooth can be saved
    avoided during active infection
    patient suffering from potential serious disease
    pregnancy(wait until at least 2nd trimester)
  6. sedation
    local anesthetic
    general anesthetic
    pain control
  7. surgical reduction or reshaping of the remaining alveolar ridge
  8. surgical removal of apex of tooth
  9. rock back and forth
  10. incision and drain
  11. surgical removal of frenum
  12. procedure in which the tissue is taken from the one site and placed at another
  13. dry socket
  14. tooth that is blocked from eruption by gingival tissue only
    soft tissue impaction
  15. blocked by bone and tissue
    bony impactions
  16. tooth between centrals
  17. minor surgery undertaken to obtain a specimen of a suspicious legion on the oral mucosa
  18. wedge shaped section of adjacent normal tissue plus a section of abnormal tissue is obtained to provide the pathologist with a specimen for comparing normal and abnormal
    incision method
  19. if possible the entire lesion mass and adjacent and underlying normal tissue are excised to provide the pathologist a sample fo patients tissue
    excision method
  20. deep-seated tumors are examined by exploring and obtaining a specimen using deep surgical excision
    exploratory biopsy
  21. no smoking, sucking, or spitting!
    rinse gently with warm salt water
    avoid hot/cold/chips,popcorn
    eat soft foods
    change gauze
    patient instructions
  22. absorbable: dont remove
    (gut, collagen, polydioxanone)
    non-absorbable: 5-7 days
    (silk, nylon, polypropylene)
    *more durable and easy to manipulate*
  23. cut at point of knot (count each one) refer to patient history to make sure each one was taken out
    removal of sutures
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