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  1. Bailar
    To dance
  2. Buscar
    To look for
  3. Cantar
    To sing
  4. Comprar
    To buy
  5. Desear
    To want
  6. Ensenar
    to teach
  7. Escuchar
    To listen (to)
  8. Estar (irreg)
    To be
  9. Estudiar
    To study
  10. Hablar
    To speak; to talk
  11. Hablar por telefono
    to talk on the telefono
  12. Necesitar
    To need
  13. Pagar
    To pay for
  14. Practicar
    To practice
  15. Regresar
    To return (to a place)
  16. Regresar a casa
    to go home
  17. Tocar
    to play a musical instrument
  18. Tomar
    To take; To drink
  19. Trabajar
    To Work
  20. Abrir
    To Open
  21. Aprender
    To Learn
  22. Asistir (a)
    To Attend
  23. Beber
    To Drink
  24. Comer
    To Eat
  25. Comprender
    To Understand
  26. Creer
    To think; to believe in
  27. Deber (+ inf.)
    Should, must,ought to (do something)
  28. Escribir
    To write
  29. Leer
    To read
  30. Llegar
    To arrive
  31. Mirar
    Mirar la television
    • To look at; to watch
    • to watch television
  32. Recibir
    To recieve
  33. Ser
    To be
  34. Vender
    To sell
  35. Vivir
    To live
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