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  1. SBAR
    Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation
  2. Situation
    • The problem
    • State your name, what you are calling about (pt name and room number, the problem (the reason I am calling...)
  3. Background
    • Brief, Related, To the point
    • State the admission diagnosis and the date of admission, state the pertinent medical history, a brief synopsis of treatment to date.
  4. Assessment
    • What you found, what you think
    • Pertinent objective & subjective information (Most recent vitals, Mental status, Respiratory rate and quality, B/P, pulse rate & quality, PainNeurological changes, Skin color, Rhythm changes)
  5. Recommendation
    • What you want.
    • State what you would like to see done:Transfer the patient?Change treatment?Come to see the patient at this time?Talk to the family and patient about….?Ask for a consulting physician to see the patient?
  6. When to use SBAR
    • Shift to shift report
    • Transfer forms
    • Computer Documentation screens
    • Telephone conversation guide
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