medical terminology 2-part two

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  1. roots for pain (5)
    alg, algeo, algesi, algia, algio
  2. cervic
    (serve hic) neck
  3. chole
    (coal) bile, gall
  4. chondr
    (cone door) cartilage
  5. cle
    small, little
  6. crani
    (crane) skull
  7. cyan
    (sign) blue
  8. cyst
    (sister) sac containing fluid, bladder
  9. em
    blood (form of "hem-" within a word
  10. end
    (the end) inside, within
  11. ent
    inside, within, inner (alternate form of "end")
  12. my
    (my eye) muscle
  13. hypo
    (hippo) under, beneath, dificient, less than normal, below in space
  14. hyster
    (his stir) uterus, womb
  15. iatr
    heal, treat, cure
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