Vocanulary 5

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  1. amazon
    woman warrior; strong woman
  2. iconoclast
    destroyer of religious images
  3. sardonic
    disdainfully mocking
  4. supercilious
    displaying arrogant pride, scorn, or indifference
  5. nemesis
    rival or opponent whom a person cannot overcome
  6. procrastinate
    postpone doing something
  7. panacea
    a remedy for all diseases
  8. capricious
    characterized by sudden unpredictable changes in attitude
  9. introvert
    reserved person
  10. extrovert
    outgoing person
  11. benediction
    expression of approval; praying asking for God's blessing
  12. benevolent
    kind; charitable
  13. beneficiary
    a person who gains benefits
  14. benefactor
    a person who supports by giving money
  15. beneficence
    a charitable act/kindness
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