math vocabulary

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  1. relation
    mapping or pairing of input values with output values
  2. domain
    the x values
  3. range
    the y values
  4. function and one-to-one
    when each x has exactly one y value
  5. independent variable
    input variable
  6. dependent variable
    output values depends on the independent variable
  7. linear function
    can be written as y=mx+b or already set up as f(x)=mx+b
  8. piecewise function
    has two equations, both of them go to a different part of the functions domain
  9. points of discontinuity
    points on the graph of a function where there is a gap or break
  10. step function
    a piecewise function that resembles a set of stairs
  11. extrema
    the maximums or minimums of a function
  12. average rate of change
    a funtion between two points (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2) on its graph is the slope of the line through two points

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math vocabulary
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math vocabulary

math vocabulary
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