BMR-Ch 21 Leadership and Supervision

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  1. 1. What is more important than ever in today’s Navy?
    Ans: Good Leadership
  2. 2. What two factors do your leadership skills have an impact on?
    • Ans: Your Navy Career
    • Your Personal Life
  3. 3. Name the two elements that you would assume more of as you advance to higher rates?
    • Ans: Authority
    • Responsibility
  4. 4. What does the Navy defines as the art of influencing people to progress towards the accomplishment of a
    • specific goal?
    • Ans: Leadership
  5. 5. What are the three factors that leadership is based on?
    • Ans: Personal Example
    • Good Management Practices
    • Moral Responsibility
  6. 6. What are the three elements that make an effective Navy leader?
    • Ans: Personal Example
    • Moral Principles
    • Administrative ability
  7. 7. What are the three things that every person in the Navy must give to personnel below them in the chain
    • command?
    • Ans: Military Ideas
    • Personal Attention
    • Supervision
  8. 8. What are the three ways that you can determine your leadership ability?
    • Ans: Examining your conduct
    • Reviewing your duties and responsibilities
    • Determining how well you’re performing
  9. 9. Name the three elements that Moral Principles include?
    • Ans: Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
  10. 10. What occurs when one person influences other people to work toward a definite goal?
    Ans: Leadership
  11. 11. What are the two ways that you can show personal moral responsibility?
    • Ans: Honesty
    • Loyalty
    • DT1 (SW/AW) ALLEN
    • 12. Name the three elements that Moral Principles of human conduct provide to leadership?
    • Ans: Direction
    • Solidity
    • Consistency
  12. 13. What is the key to leadership?
    Ans: The emphasis you place on personal moral responsibility
  13. 14. What influences others in a positive manner?
    Ans: Moral Character
  14. 15. Name the three different leadership traits of an effective leader?
    • Ans: Know-How
    • Sincerity
    • Courage
  15. 16. What is not automatically given to a leader because of authority?
    Ans: Respect
  16. 17. What two factors must you earn from personnel working for you?
    • Ans: Respect
    • Confidence
  17. 18. How do you earn respect and confidence from personnel working for you?
    Ans: By setting a good example
  18. 19. What shouldn’t you do to your worker?
    Ans: Drive Them
  19. 20. What are the two traits that your shipmates see as your moral character?
    • Ans: Honesty
    • Loyalty
  20. 21. What is another term for good management practices?
    Ans: Administrative Ability
  21. 22. What are the three factors that good management practices include?
    • Ans: The ability to organize
    • The ability to manage
    • The ability to work with people
  22. 23. What should you learn to apply in dealing with your workers?
    Ans: Personal Touch
  23. 24. What is part of your job, when you’re the leader of a group?
    Ans: Give Orders
  24. 25. What are the two facts that make a good order clear?
    • Ans: What’s to be done
    • When to do it
  25. 26. What should you emphasize to your workers?
    Ans: Each person’s importance in getting a job done
  26. 27. What are the two pieces of information that can be added as circumstances require or permit that make a good
    • order clear?
    • Ans: How to do it
    • Why it must be done
  27. 28. What is important when giving orders?
    Ans: How you give an order
  28. 29. What are the three ways an order should be given?
    • Ans: Simple
    • Clear
    • Complete
  29. 30. What type of tone should you speak in when giving orders?
    Ans: A tone that shows you mean business
  30. 31. Where should praise be given?
    Ans: In Public
  31. 32. What is the purpose of a reprimand?
    Ans: To Teach
  32. 33. What should reprimand not do?
    Ans: Embarrass
  33. 34. Where should reprimand be given?
    Ans: In Private
  34. 35. Name the three programs that help keep the moral high?
    • Ans: Moral and Spiritual Guidance
    • Educational Opportunities
    • Personal Affairs Counseling
  35. 36. Name the three ways that you can help keep and build high moral?
    • Ans: Pride
    • Integrity
    • Keeping your personnel informed
  36. 37. What does outstanding outfits has?
    Ans: Esprit De Corps
  37. 38. How can you boost morals and promote esprit de corps and pride in your personnel?
    Ans: Keeping your personnel informed
  38. 39. What position is everyone in the Navy a part of?
    Ans: Followership
  39. 40. How many types of obedience do the Navy have?
    Ans: 2
  40. 41. Name the two types of obedience that the Navy have?
    • Ans: Immediate
    • Reasoned
  41. 42. What must you know in order to be a good leader?
    Ans: How to be a good follower
  42. 43. What are the three ways that you should carry out your orders?
    • Ans: Promptly
    • To the best of your ability
    • As cheerfully as possible
  43. 44. What type of obedience is the proper response to an order?
    Ans: Reasoned Obedience
  44. 45. What are the two ways that you must follow a command?
    • Ans: Immediately
    • Exactly as given
  45. 46. What are the three qualities that you should develop to be a good follower?
    • Ans: Loyalty
    • Initiative
    • Dependability
  46. 47. What type of obedience is an automatic response to a command?
    Ans: Immediate Obedience
  47. 48. What demonstrates your ability to be a leader?
    Ans: Showing Initiative
  48. 49. What program do supervisors make sure that job improvement suggestions are heard and made part of the way
    • the job is done?
    • Ans: Continuous Improvement Program
  49. 50. What types of followers increase the efficiency of the leader and the command?
    Ans: Dependable
  50. 51. What is the primary goal of the Continuous Improvement program?
    Ans: To increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership
  51. 52. What type of obedience let you obey an order while learning from your experience in carrying it out?
    Ans: Reasoned Obedience
  52. 53. What are the two most important parts of the Continuous Improvement program?
    • Ans: Process
    • How the job gets done

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