Lession 51 - Lesoni Nima Taha

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  1. in, at, with
  2. to, toward
  3. match
  4. newspaper
  5. forget, sink, submerge
  6. baby, infant
  7. Bring the lesson book to me
    Mai e tohi lesoni kiate au
  8. Is the lesson understantable to you?
    'Oku mahino e lesoni kiate koe?
  9. No, I have already forgotten the lesson
    'Ikai, kuo 'osi ngalo 'iate au e lesoni
  10. I spoke to him
    Na'a ku lea kiate ia.
  11. I spoke to him
    Na'a ku lea ki ai
  12. I will take the food to them (specific).
    Te u 'ave e me'akai kiate kinautolu
  13. I will take the food to them
    Te u 'ave e me'akai ki ai
  14. I love you very much.
    'Oku ou 'ofa lahi 'iate koe
  15. John stays with me
    Oku nofo 'a Sione 'iate au
  16. I like them
    'Oku ou sai'ia 'iate kinautolu
  17. Lit. It understandable to me
    'Oku mahino kiate au
  18. John understands
    'Oku mahino kia Sione.
  19. The Boy Understands
    'Oku mahino ki he tamasi'i
  20. I dont understand
    'Oku 'ikai ke mahino kiate au
  21. I forgot
    (Lit. was forgotten in me)
    Na'e ngalo 'iate au
  22. John has forgotten
    Kuo ngalo 'ia sione
  23. The boy has forgotten the metting
    Kuo ngalo ('i) he tamasis e fakataha
  24. Bring the match to me
    Mai e masi kiate au
  25. Bring the baby to me
    Mai e pepe kiate au
  26. Bring the book to me
    mai e tohi kiate au
  27. Bring the newspaper to me
    Mai e nusipepa kiate au
  28. Do you understand Tongan?
    'Oku mahino e lead fakaTonga kiate koe?
  29. Do you understand the explanation?
    'Oku mahino e fakamatala kiate koe?
  30. Do you understand the lesson
    'Oku mahino e lesoni kiate koe?
  31. We don't understand the lesson
    • 'Oku 'ikai ke mahino e lesoni kiate kimautolu
    • malanga
    • talanoa
  32. Wait for me!
    them (to them)
    them(to those two)
    us (two)
    • Tali mai kiate au.
    • kimautolu
    • kinautolu
    • kinaua
    • kimaua
  33. We already understant
    Kuo 'osi mahino kiate kimautolu
  34. I have forgotten the lesson
    • Kuo ngalo 'iate au e lesoni.
    • -ta'ahine
    • -fakataha
    • -taimi
  35. We forgot the meeting
    Na'e ngalo 'iate kimautolu e fakataha
  36. I don't (can't) forget the girl
    'Oku 'ikai ke ngalo 'iate au e ta'ahine

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