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  1. The PR line symbolizes this
    AV node delay
  2. A positive wave represents this
    • Depolarization towards
    • Repolarization away
  3. A negative wave represents this
    • Repolarization towards
    • Depolarization away
  4. How many electrodes do you need to record ECG?
    • 2
    • active electrode
    • reference electrode
  5. V1
    • Right 4th intercostal
    • Sternum
  6. V2
    • Left 4th intercostal
    • sternum
  7. V3
    between V2 and V4
  8. V4
    • Left 5th intercostal
    • midclavicular
  9. V5
    • left 5th intercostal
    • anterior axillary
  10. V6
    • left 5th intercostal
    • mid-axillary
  11. VL
    junction of left arm and trunk
  12. VR
    junction of right arm and trunk
  13. VF
    junction of left leg and trunk
  14. This lead goes from right to left arm
    • Lead I
    • left arm active
  15. This lead goes from right arm to left leg
    • Lead II
    • active leg
  16. This lead goes from left arm to left leg
    • Lead III
    • active leg
  17. What is einthoven’s law?
    lead 2 = lead 1 + lead 3
  18. P wave represents this
    Atrial depolarization
  19. QRS complex represents this
    Ventricular depolarization
  20. T wave represents this
    Ventricular repolarization
  21. Long P-R interval can indicate this
    1st degree heart block
  22. How long is a normal PR interval?
    0.2 seconds
  23. How long is a normal QRS complex?
    0.1 sec
  24. Net direction and magnitude of current movement during ventricular depolarization
    Mean cardiac axis

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