Delta Airlines Airport Codes - EUROPE AND ASIA

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  1. AGP
    Malaga, Spain
  2. AMS
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. ARN
    Stockholm, Sweden
  4. ATH
    Athens, Greece
  5. BCN
    Barcelona, Spain
  6. BKK
    Bangkok, Thailand
  7. BOM
    Mumbai, India
  8. BRU
    Brussles, Belgium
  9. BUD
    Budapest, Hungary
  10. CDG
    Paris, France
  11. CPH
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. DUB
    Dublin, Ireland
  13. DUS
    Dusseldorf, Germany
  14. FCO
    Rome, Italy
  15. FRA
    Frankfurt, Germany
  16. GUM
    Tamuning, Guam
  17. HKG
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  18. HND
    Tokyo (Haneda), Japan
  19. ICN
    Seoul, South Korea
  20. IST
    Istanbul, Turkey
  21. KBP
    Kiev, Ukraine
  22. KEF
    Reykjavik, Iceland
  23. KIX
    Osaka, Japan
  24. LGW
    London (Gatwick), United Kingdom
  25. LHR
    London (Heathrow), United Kingdom
  26. MAD
    Madrid, Spain
  27. MAN
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  28. MNL
    Manila, Philippines
  29. MUC
    Munich, Germany
  30. MXP
    Milano, Italy
  31. NCE
    Nice, France
  32. NGO
    Nagoya, Japan
  33. NRT
    Tokyo (Narita), Japan
  34. PEK
    Beijing, China
  35. PRG
    Prague, Czech Republic
  36. PSA
    Pisa, Italy
  37. PUS
    Busan, South Korea
  38. PVG
    Shanghai, China
  39. ROR
    Koror, Palau
  40. SIN
    Singapore, Singapore
  41. SNN
    Shannon, Ireland
  42. SPN
    Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
  43. STR
    Stuggart, Germany
  44. SVO
    Moscow, Russia
  45. SYD
    Sydney, Austrailia
  46. TPE
    Taipei, Taiwan
  47. TXL
    Berlin, Germany
  48. VCE
    Venice, Italy
  49. VLC
    Valencia, Spain
  50. ZRH
    Zurich, Switzerland

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Delta Airlines Airport Codes - EUROPE AND ASIA
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Delta Airlines Airport Codes EUROPE ASIA Flight Attendant

For the Delta FA January Training class, here are the airport codes that have to be remembered.
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