Urinary Elimination

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  1. What are UTIs caused by?
    Caused by poor hygiene, inadequate hand washing, failure to wipe from front to back after voiding/defecating, frequent sexual intercourse predispose women to infection, also catheters, prolonged use of catheters, improper catheter care/hygiene
  2. What are possible complications of lower UTIs?
    • Burning pain
    • Fever
    • Chills nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Malaise
  3. What are possible complications of those who have an irritated bladder or cystitis?
    • Frequent and urgent sensation to urinate Irritation to bladder and urethral mucosa results in blood tinged urine
    • Urine appears concentrated/cloudy b/c of wbcs or bacteria
  4. What are possible complications of those with upper UTI? (spreads to kidneys - pyelonephritis)
    • Flank pain
    • Tenderness
    • Fever
    • chills
  5. How much urine should we make per hour?
    40-50 mls/hr
  6. How much urine should we produce daily and how much for pt with a foley?
    • Daily: 1500 - 1600
    • With Foley: 2000 - 2500
  7. Foley are/maintenance
    • Routine catheter care
    • Perineal hygiene
    • Fluid intake
    • Cath care usually every 8 hours
    • Insertion is ALWAYS sterile technique
    • If patient has foley athey should be putting out more urine daily to keep urine dilute and keep catheter from clogging
    • When pt has foley, increase their intake so they will have more output, there won’t be sediment, catheter won’t get clogged.
  8. Assess/Intervene for clients with urinary retention
    • Assess for abdomen distention and pain
    • Signs include urine absent over several hours
    • Dribbling of urine
    • If pt doesn’t have a catheter you can do “bladder scanning” which tells you how many mls of urine there are in the bladder.
    • Promote environment that will help pt urinate
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