Paintings (Ancient)

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  1. Faith Ringold, 100 Years at Williams College Story Quilt, last quarter 20th century, (Period . . ./ Culture:American)
  2. Henry Ossawa Tanner, The Banjo Lesson, last quarter 20th century, (Realist/American)
  3. Alice Neel, "Self-Portrait at Age 80," last quarter 20th century, Private collection (Expressionist/American)
  4. Judith Leyster, The Proposition, 1600 (1), Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands (Baroque/Dutch)
  5. ??
    Euphronios, (Red figure) portrait of the vase painter Smikros in asymposium, 500 B.C. (Style: Red figure Painter/culture: Greece)
  6. Exekias, (Black figure) Achilles and Ajax at the Gaming Table, 500 B.C. (Syle: Black Figure Painting/culture: Greece)
  7. Odyssey Landscapes, 1st century B.C. (Classical/Roman)
  8. Villa at Boscoreale murals, 1st century B.C. (Classical/Pompeian)
  9. The fresco with all the lapis lazuli covered stuffs.
    Mysteries frieze, 1st c. B.C. (Classical/Pompeian)
  10. Empress Theodora and her Attendants, 6th Century(Early Medieval /Byzantine)
  11. Pantocrator, 1100 AD,(Medieval /Byzantine)
  12. Incarnation pg. From the Book of Kells, 8th century(Medieval/Iro-Celtic)
  13. St. Matthew the Evangelist, 9th century(Medieval/Western Europe)
  14. Harrowing of Hell 12th century. (Medieval/Western Europe)
  15. Adam and Eve, 9th century.(Medieval/Western Europe)
  16. Madonna Enthroned, 13th century(Late Medieval / Byzantine)
  17. Maesta, by Duccio, 1300(Late Medieval/Italy)

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Paintings (Ancient)
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Paintings Ancient

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